Welcome to JPB's official website.

JPB is a 21 year old artist from Germany, Darmstadt. His musical catalog has gained over 55M streams on Spotify & over 80M views on YouTube, representing the drive behind his career. His journey began on SoundCloud & spread on all plattforms worldwide.

Known for his NCS hit singles High, Feels Right & Defeat The Night, JPB's music can be found in thousands of videos used by YouTube creators, Influencer, Celebreties & Companies as background music. Along the journey JPB worked together with several talented artists across the globe: MYRNE from Singapore, Yung Fusion from Cayman Islands, Marc Benjamin from the Netherlands & Anna Yvette from New York - just to name a few.

"With tracks last year on Protocol, Strange Fruits, & NCS, JPB is a name that is starting to makes waves all over the world. “New Horizon” is a good example on why. With the ridiculously catchy vocals of Deverano, JPB brings that infectious radio friendly dance pop vibe that he has been at the top of for the past few years." -

Photo Credit: @bennyfm (Instagram)